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martes, 30 de agosto de 2022

What Kind of Yoga is Best?

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What Kind of Yoga is Best?


There are different forms of yoga. This type of exercise can leave you toned and supple or you may even be spiritually enlightened according to some teachers. 

Yoga is the latest thing. It has reshaped some of the greatest stars all the way from Madonna to Sting.

Some forms of yoga are more physical and some are highly spiritual. Yoga is extremely good for fatigue, depression, arthritis, aging, stress-related illness,
migraine, PMS, back pain and mobility problems.

You must first decide why you wish to start yoga and then go about choosing the appropriate form for you.

The principles of yoga are quite simple - relax, tune out everything and stretch and you will feel better.

If you are looking to get fit these types of yoga are for you:

" Hatha yoga "

This type of yoga is based on controlled stretching.
An emphasis is placed on developing a flexible spine.
This type of yoga is excellent for all levels of

" Vini yoga "

This type of yoga is gentle and safe and is very good
for older people. It is taught by a teacher called a
Desikachar and is usually taught on an individual

If you really want to get physical then you should
choose these types of yoga:

" Lyenger yoga "

This type of yoga focuses on correct postures. It
often makes use of ropes and blocks to maintain these

" Sivananda yoga "

This type of yoga is suitable for every age and covers
a wide range of poses which range from simple to
complex. " Ashtanga yoga " This type of yoga is known
as power yoga. It is very demanding and is only
suitable for those people who are very fit.

For those of you who want to get spiritual, then you
would want to choose from these types of yoga:

" Raja yoga "

This is often referred to as royal yoga. It is
concerned with the mind.

" Dru yoga "

This is group yoga which concentrates very heavily on
breath work.

" Jnana yoga "

This concentrates on the philosophical aspects of
yoga and is very spiritual and meditative.


jueves, 14 de julio de 2022

Do What Feels Good And Find Freedom

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Do What Feels Good And Find Freedom


A thought is an energy. Energy always wants to manifest itself.

Energy can not be stocked or blocked. It will get out anyway. If you do something to prevent your energy from flowing, it will find another way to express itself. If you do not follow your own energy, your intuition, if you swim against the stream of your own flow, energy will express itself in sickness, tiredness, depression, skin diseases, temper tantrums, agressiveness and other not so pleasant things.

So why not follow the road where your energy takes you? This is your road, your way!

Do you know the song “I did it my way”? Well, if you do things your way, if you dare being yourself, you will feel the energy.

As long as you try to be somebody else to please your parents, peers, husband, wife, boss, children, neighbours or whatever, your energy will be stuck.

Ok, you say, but won’t I become selfish, an outlaw, a social disaster by following my own road? No! You will become yourself. That is freedom : to be yourself. 

See the world like a big wardrobe. Everybody has his own costume. There is only one that fits you perfectly. As long as you try to be someone else, you are walking around with a costume that is either too small or too big for you. You don’t feel comfortable in it. And what else is, you “stole” a costume that belongs to someone else! That means you are not at the right place doing the right thing with the right people! You took someone else’s place, someone else’s costume!

How can you know if you are at the right place, doing the right thing with the right people? There is a very simple criterion to find out : the questions stop in your mind! This spinning machine in your head that was torturing you for years has just stopped by itself! You can feel it : you feel good, everything is “right”, your talents are asked for and you have the greatest pleasure to offer them to the those around you. Everything falls at his place. Questions vanish and make place for peace.

As long as you torture yourself with all these questions, it means you still didn’t find your right spot on earth. You are doing an activity that somebody else should be doing. And your “job” is getting done by someone else who is not at his right place either! You see? It’s like a puzzle : if everyone is at his right place doing the thing he knows the best, everyone would be at peace, filled with energy and health, and everyone would live in wealth.

Go searching for your right place. The moment you stop being harassed by so many questions and you feel your energy flowing in your veins, you know this is it! You are on your road, your road to freedom. This IS freedom!

Look for it, go for it!

miércoles, 20 de abril de 2022

20 Ways To Make Someone Smile

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20 Ways To Make Someone Smile


Do you want to put a smile on someone's face today? Maybe make their day a little better. It won't cost you a single penny or much time to do just that. And because smiling is contagious, it probably won't just be one person you make smile today.

Here are 20 ways to turn that frown upside down.

1.  Send some flowers to your partner at work.

2.  Compliment a friend or work colleague on their appearance.

3.  Donate something to charity.

4.  Take a friend out to lunch.

5.  Let someone know you miss them.

6.  Make a surprise telephone call to your partner at work, just to say hi.

7.  Hold a door open for someone walking behind you.

8.  Hug your partner for no reason.

9.  Leave a joke on a friends answer machine.

10. Send a card to a friend letting them know what a good friend they are.

11. Give up your seat on the train to someone when there aren't any left.

12. Share your umbrella on a rainy day.

13. Ask a friend if they need anything while you're out shopping.

14. When it's raining, plan an indoor picnic with your children.

15. Leave a love letter somewhere where your partner will find it.

16. Send someone an unusual and unexpected gift like chocolate, flowers or sex toys.

17. Tell your child you're proud of them.

18. Tell someone you thought about them the other day.

19. Cook a surprise meal for your partner one night, especially if they normally do the cooking.

20. Tell your partner you love them.

Did you know it takes only 17 muscles to smile, but 43 to frown. Why waste all that energy frowning when you could just smile. 

Here are 5 more facts about smiling.

1. Women smile more than men.

2. Smiling releases endorphins that make us feel better.

3. We are all born with the ability to smile, it's not something we learn from others.

4. A smile is a universal expression of happiness.

5. A smiling person is thought to be a more pleasant, attractive, sociable, sincere and competent than a non-smiling person.

Just remember, smiling is the easiest and cheapest way of improving your looks.

miércoles, 2 de febrero de 2022

The Only True Self Improvement

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The Only True Self Improvement

When we browse the Web, we can notice that almost every directory has a category that deals with self-improvement. This subject has become very popular. Every human being that at least possesses a little bit of conscience tries to improve herself or is at least interested at a thought of such a striving.

The higher the moral level of a man, the stronger is his or her desire to improve. Those people who are convenient but do not feel very good about themselves if they miss the feeling that they work on their own improvement, will at least read articles and books how to improve themselves, but as a matter of fact, their reading will be the only one thing that they will really do. On the other hand, there are also people who really want to improve themselves and actively try to follow any well-meant piece of advice how to become better.

However, the problem is that hardly any out of all the available advices which are supposed to show you the way how you can improve yourself is really effective and safe. To be frank, I have to say that the most effective way how to improve is even very uncomfortable.

To understand my point of view, you should know that I believe in reincarnation, in harmony in all Nature and in the balance of all the opposites. I also believe that all people together are one whole and because everything is related to any other thing, in the same way the destiny of each one of us is related with the destiny of all other people.

As opposites reign to us all and balance always tries to be restored, we should avoid any extreme in our life to prevent the opposite extreme in the life of other people. If we are too rich, others will have to be too poor. If we are too healthy, others will have to be too ill. If we are too happy, others will have to be too unhappy. If we are too good, others will have to be too bad.

Because we are one whole, then to improve this whole, one must try to improve both himself and all the other at once. To improve all mankind - to help all mankind, it means to help the most suffering ones first of all. But how can they be helped?

Who is ill and cannot be healed, let him enter new body in the next life of his or her soul by euthanasia, who has suffered a serious accident let him be helped by all other people, who is too poor and does not have enough money to life, let him be gifted by the rich.

Remember that if you helped any other man, you helped yourself because if there will be no excessive suffering on the world, neither you soul will have to excessively suffer, whether it will be in it's present or future life. So any help to any other man in fact is a help to yourself. True self-improvement consists in the restriction of one's own happiness for the purpose of helping all the other people by sharing any above-average possession with them.

Everybody should be averagely rich and averagely happy. Only then he will neither suffer too much nor he will cause any occurence of too much suffering people. Let everybody live in a medium happiness with medium possession and let him have the same price like that of all other people.

Now ask yourself: Are you the rich who will not support the poor with your money? Do you enjoy a good state of health and at the same time do not feel with those who suffer most and you are not willing to bear a part of their big pain on your own shoulders? If it is so, then please stop reading articles and books about self improvement since you will never improve yourself in the proper way. For the only self-improvement is to sacrifice a part of what you've got to help the other. There is no other self-improvement.

miércoles, 5 de enero de 2022

Methods of Self Control

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Methods of Self Control

Before you sleep tonight, ask yourself that are you happy? What is your true calling? Think for a moment and the results will still probably surprise you. In the race to move, ahead in life you have neglected your inner self. You are juggling so many things at once that you have no time to interact with yourself. 

You may posses all the ingredients that make you socially successful. However, there is hollowness and emptiness in your life that does not allow you to enjoy life. A spiritual deficit engulfs you because of which you do not have peace and serenity of mind. You spend money and time and travel to distant places to discover the peace of mind. However, the truth is that no one can provide you calmness of mind, the key to controlled mind lies within you. 

You seemed to have exchanged your life and true happiness with materialistic accumulations. A person who possesses latest gadget and has designer wardrobes is socially considered successful. An individual today has postponed his living, his priorities includes a high package job, latest car and mobile. However, the irony of your life is that he may own the latest phone but has no time to talk to his family members. You are so busy in your life that with each passing day you are getting trapped and losing on the moments that could provide you true happiness.   

You can simplify and add happiness to your life by adopting some techniques. It will improve the quality of your life and provide you peace of mind. Start appreciating the beautiful gifts of nature like rainfall, blooming flowers, sunrise and sunset. Observing them will give you a sense of calmness and you will fell happier. Happiness lies in these little things of life. Stars, dew studded flowers and different shapes of moon teach you a very important and basic lesson in life that nothing stays forever. It is advisable that you learn the lessons from the past and then move ahead. Always focus on your present keeping future in mind. Oscillating between past and present leaves no time to focus on the present. 

You should keep experimenting things and never be scared of failure. Failures teach you lessons in life and by experimenting new things; give space to your creativity. This leads to deeper understanding of the self and leads to fresh ideas. Exercising regularly releases the negativity from your body and keeps you healthy. It is advisable that you exercise in the park as keeps you close to the nature and allows you to enjoy the chirping of bird, rising sun and dew studded grass. Because of focusing on the beauties in the surroundings, you become more positive and happy.

Music is a great healer and a stress buster. Listening to music can bring your stress levels and charge you for day. It creates a positive aura around you and keeps you energized. Meditating is a great method that can be used for connecting with your self. It can be done at any corner of your home, you are required to sit cross-legged and eyes close. 

It must be done at same time everyday and at same corner. Planning your life on a weekly or monthly basis gives a direction to your life. It helps you in prioritizing your schedule and focusing on important aspects of your life. It is advisable that you break your difficult goals into short-term goals. For instance if you wish to save 10000 dollars annually, break down your saving plan on monthly basis. It will make your saving plan realistic and successful.

viernes, 10 de diciembre de 2021

How Self-Improvement Program Work For You

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How Self-Improvement Program Work For You

There are a lot of programs that can aid you in your endeavors in having a healthy mental life.

If you have a lot of things on your mind and simply want to have the easy way to deal with them helps with programs. Such programs show you the ways on how to be in the healthy line if mental life. They can be an accelerated transformative practice which the professionals can easily impose on your schedule. It can last for a year or longer, depending upon the program administrator.

There are also lessons which you need to follow. Benefits of such programs can maximize your energy, lose weight, maintain good health, enhance your creativity, reduce stress , develop more fulfilling relationships, reach profound meditative states, discover a greater meaning in life, expanding your awareness, strengthen your immune system, take your spirituality to new levels.

You can also find a greater sense of self, master universal dynamics and processes and become the person you want to be they take advantage of the current research and proven practices from nutrition, exercise and psychology to discoveries in the fields of relaxation and spirituality. most other self-help programs that focus on one system or philosophy, some are holistic - or big-picture - approach that addresses all aspects of a person's well-being.

Most of them goes well beyond offering you the theories behind our programs to give you practical tools and activities to put the power of our programs to work in your life and these programs or lessons are easy to follow, quick to implement and fun to participate in.

Audio self help tapes

On a typical self-help tape, you will hear a pleasant and easy to listen to English voice which will guide you into a deeply relaxed state of mind and body. To enhance the therapeutic effect each tape includes layered echoed background affirmations, a deeply relaxing effect, which pan from left to right in your headphones & 3D Sound effects.

So at times you'll hear one voice in one ear speaking to the left hemisphere of your brain, while at the same time hearing other echoed voices addressing other parts of your brain.

This powerful method of delivering multiple suggestions simultaneously to the unconscious mind can facilitate positive changes very quickly. In addition to this the absorbing 60 bpm sound effects and powerful subliminal suggestions enhance the overall effectiveness.

How to take advantage of such programs

Speaking from a job organization behavioral point of view let us take a look at what motivation is all about and how to improve it. The human brain as I mentioned earlier is a virtual warehouse of energy.

There is nothing that we cannot do once we put our minds to it. Yeah, sure, all that has been proved time and again, but along with it comes a string attached. The same brain is easily distracted. In fact our imagination is probably the one thing that can travel faster than light. And so it is not an easy task to keep the brain occupied in the same task for an extended period of time. If the job is monotonous the task becomes more difficult and if the job is demanding and involves a lot of pressure to keep time, then you are done for.

Motivation can be thought of as the process of channeling the surplus energy of the brain towards a definite goal or purpose. If you have a good boss or supervisor, then the task of keeping you motivated rests with them. But even then, you have the responsibility to keep yours self motivated and believe me, self motivation is the best motivation because it comes from within.

miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2021

Self-Esteem: Developing A Strong Belief In Yourself

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Self-Esteem: Developing A Strong Belief In Yourself

Inevitably in life, we will face disapproval or rejection from others. It might be a family member, friend, employer, or even a stranger. They might disagree with the way we live our lives, the decisions we make for ourselves, or even who we are. They might belittle our dreams, criticize our goals, or make hurtful comments that reveal a low opinion of us. These experiences can be quite painful, because we all want to be liked and accepted. We all want to be supported and nurtured and loved by those around us.

Being rejected or ridiculed by others (especially if it's a frequent occurrence) can cause us to question our own self-worth and value as a person. We begin to wonder if maybe they're right. Maybe we're not lovable enough, or talented enough, or "good" enough to be accepted. Following this line of thought for any length of time can be incredibly damaging to our self-confidence.

While it's normal to have a few moments of uncertainty when we are rejected, the worst thing we can do is internalize the negativity we recieve from others. Just because someone has a low opinion of us does not mean we have to accept it as our truth. They can only come to their conclusions by looking at us from the outside. They don't feel our feelings, think our thoughts, or experience the things we have in our lives. They are seeing us from a completely different perspective than our own.

To complicate matters even further, their own life experiences, thoughts, and feelings can easily be projected onto us, so they may see something that doesn't truly exist, except in their own mind.

So, how do we overcome this? How do we avoid letting other people's negativity erode our belief in ourselves? There are three major points to keep in mind:

1) Reinforcement = Strength. Think of positive thoughts as the antidote to any negativity that comes your way. Feed your mind empowering, positive thoughts daily, preferably several times a day - and most especially after you encounter negativity from another. The stronger you can build up your belief in yourself, the less you will care about others who insult you, ridicule you, or reject you. You won't be looking to others for your sense of validation or approval, because you will already have your OWN approval.

2) Conserve Your Energy. While it might be tempting to try to explain, defend, or prove yourself to someone who rejects you, this is usually a waste of your time and energy. Once someone forms an opinion of you, they are unlikely to change it. The more you try to change their minds, the more stubbornly they will dig their heels in and resist. So, simply release your need to prove yourself and accept that they are entitled to their opinions. Their comments and opinions cannot detract from your belief in yourself, unless you allow them to.

3) Limit Your Exposure. Once a person reveals their negative opinion or directs hurtful comments your way, you might want to avoid spending excessive time with them in the future. This becomes more difficult if it is a family member that you can't just shut out of your life completely. But you can still set boundaries and limit the amount of time you are faced with negativity.

Finally, remember that no one else can define you, or live your life for you, or take away the beauty and uniqueness that is you. They may try, but they won't be successful unless you allow it.

If you instead choose to turn away from the negativity and focus on building a solid foundation of belief in yourself, the negative comments will cease to matter to you. You will go on to create a fulfilling, successful life that reflects exactly who you are, regardless of what others say or do.